Governor Portal

EVERY Governors’ Meeting generates masses of paperwork before, during and after EVERY single meeting.

For each and every meeting an Agenda needs to be created along with briefing papers, reports, minutes and schedules. This process takes a huge amount of time AND costs a small fortune.

Even more expensive than preparing the documentation is the cost of distributing the documentation to every Governor and managing the process PRIOR to the



Governor Structure

The structure of the Governing Body can be established within HTGmanager and managed to ensure that it is always up to date and an accurate reflection at all times. Each Governor’s details and contact information are maintained in addition to their period of office which is monitored by the system at all times so that access to the system and any sensitive information is on

Governor Portal

HTGmanager Governor Portal:The HTGmanager Governor Portal presents a number of simple, easy to use web-based software tools within an effective and efficient framework that enables the school and their Governing Body to interact for the benefit of the school in general and the students in particular.