HTGmanager SEF

HTGmanager’s SEF Manager provides schools with a simple, easy to use, real-time web-based system for managing school development, staff performance and quality control.

Designed originally as a tool to help schools effectively complete the DfES School Self Evaluation Form (SEF) in an efficient, cost effective manner HTGmanager SEF Manager evolved into a management system that enabled schools to continue monitoring it’s performance througho



Staff members record their assessment of each attribute and, where appropriate, upload evidence in the form of electronic documents; some client schools offered their HTGmanager SEF to Ofsted Inspectors instead of a room full of hastily collated files and folders. HTGmanager SEF provided answers to all of the Ofsted Inspectors’ questions providing instant, multi-user access to all reports and su

HTGmanager SEF

Summary :HTGmanager SEF provides each user with a summary of the SEFs that have been allocated to them and idnicates the status of each one; complete or otherwise. At-a-glance status report.