Seating Planner

Seating Planner provides teachers with instant real-time access to each student’s data in context with their position within the classroom; their photo linked to their latest assessment data provides all the data teachers need to interact meaningfully, effectively and credibly with every student.


Real-time Student Data in Classroom-Context

Teachers are often faced with regularly changing class-groups which can make 1-2-1 recognition and communication challenging; especially so with cover-staff who can be in front of a class for the first AND last time. Being able to accurately identify learners in context with their position in the classroom is key to successful and meaningful communications between teacher and learner; adding real-

Seating Planner

Information and control in one place; at the teacher’s fingertips:HTGmanager MiS BiS Seating Planner enables teachers to plan a unique seating-layout for every class-group they teach ensuring that each student is in the most appropriate place and in the most appropriate company during each lesson. Linked to each student’s “icon” is their photograph and their latest assessment data which can be viewed at a “group-level” which shows just the latest grade against their “target” or in-detail which shows all the data collected during the most recent assessment. In addition teachers can record the accuracy of the answers provided by students to class-questions and even randomly identify next student who should answer the next question.

HTGmanager MiS BiS Seating Planner enables teachers to concentrate on the lesson in hand knowing that they can identify each student at a glance and instantly access their most up to date assessment data; all of the information required by the teacher in relation to the student is at their fingertips, on the screen and available live in real time.