Student Records

Student Records is the HTGmanager module that enables authorised users to import, maintain and update student-data. The module is incredibly easy to use requiring the minimum of training; a couple of 5-minute on-line videos provide most of the introductory training required by mist users. The system enables incoming student data to be validated in accordance with school standards and is reviewed, amended, updated and approved before being importe


Clarity of Data and Simplicity of Use

The HTGmanager Student Record module provides simplicity and clarity in this most important of tasks helping to ensure that Student Records is up to date at all times with the minimum of effort and expensive training.

Powerful new tools such as Drag-n-Drop Photos, Dynamic-Student-Filter, Custom-Student-Attributes and Column-Filter provide user-assistance and removes stress, strain and effort.

Student Records

Trust Group Icon View:The Icons show how many students/learners are in each year group across all of the schools within the Trust