Project Manager

Project Manager is a powerful, flexible and easy to use web based software tool for managing project and/or activities from the very simple to the enormously complex; from a “to-do-list” to managing multi-million-£ construction projects.

Authorised users can create multiple “personal projects” to which only they have access; alternatively they can create complex projects involving hundreds of people each being given different access-r


Project Manager - Meeting Control

Project Manager stores documents centrally and authorised users are provided with “links” to read them; this guarantees ALL (authorised) users see the most up to date document at all times and also avoids the need to distribute multiple copy-documents causing bandwidth and data-storage issues.

Project Manager provides the ability for all authorised users on the “project” to communicate

Project Manager

Workflow:It is important to fully understand and appreciate the effort and cost associated with the most simple of meetings; effort and cost that escalates exponentially as each new member is added to the list of attendees. These are costs that are rarely, if ever, calculated and are a constant drain on the organisation’s resources. If the productivity of the meeting could then compared with the cost…………