Please be clear about the function of our company and our web site/Portal; Edu-App-Store does NOT supply products to any organisations. Edu-App-Store provides a service whereby providers of ICT Applications and services can describe their products in detail and advertise them to those organisations who view our web site/Portal.

If and when a potential customer is interested in further details about a product they have seen they will use the Edu-App-Store to contact the relevant Provider for further information.

If the potential customer is sufficiently interested in a product or service that they want the Provider to contact them directly to discuss product in more detail, or even to purchase the product, then Edu-App-Store provides the connection only.

Edu-App-Store does NOT supply any of the products to potential customers.

Edu-App-Store takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the suitability of the product(s) to meet the requirements of any potential customer; it is the sole responsibility of the potential customer to establish that the product(s) are “fit for purpose”, meet the specific needs of the potential customer and are suitable.

Edu-App-Store provides no warranties of any kind regarding any of the products described within the Edu-App-Store web-site/Portal; all issues associated with supply, installation, testing, configuration, training, on-going-operator support, on-going technical support and performance guarantees are a matter to be resolved directly between the potential customer and the relevant Provider.