The HTG manager Calendar is a web-based diary and calendar interfaced to the HTGmanager framework; this will enable authorised staff members to create their own diary entries that they can share with one colleague, several colleagues or the whole school.

HTGmanager Calendar supports single person appointments, meetings with multiple attendees and events that can be shared with selected groups or the whole school. Like all HTGmanager modules Calendar will be available 24/7 from any web-connected device with an industry standard web-browser.

Contract Review

The Contract Review enables a School’s Business Manager to monitor and manage the performance of all contracts and SLAs to ensure value for money AND that all of the contracted services are provided.

Simple to use but powerful Contract Review saves the school time and money AND helps prevent expensive, repetitious contracts that do not provide the school with what they need.


Improving performance and attainment relies upon accurate, up to date analysis of current activity and status; organisations need to quickly identify areas of “excellence” for reward and replication or areas with “concerns” for intervention and support.

MiS-BiS Observations provides a framework that enables an organisation to survey the current status and/or performance of any activity, process or environment. Examples include Lesson Observation, Work Scrutiny, Book Trawls, Health & Safety Inspections and Governors Visits but users can build an unlimited variety of observation-templates to meet their own specific requirements. Each template can have judgements on/off to accommodate formal and informal if judgement rating are not a requirement.

Observations are extremely easy to complete and can be recorded online in real-time; alternatively hard-copy blank-templates generated from MiS BiS can be recorded off-line and entered at a later date or passed to an administrator for entry. Training requirements are minimal and standard-templates ensure users are operational within minutes.

Huge amounts of time is saved by reducing observation-recording to a few clicks of a mouse or taps-on-a-tablet; analysis and reports are all automatically available in real-time ensuring all staff receive appropriate recognition and support.

MiS-BiS provides detailed and graphical analysis reports automatically, in real-time, as soon as an observation is submitted; powerful and flexible “filters” enable users to generate the most forensic analysis of observation recorded, instantly, from anywhere at any time.

Authorised stakeholder share a common, single view of data that can be accessed 24/7 in real-time from any web-enabled device; this provides an instant update on the current status of all activities.

Real-time observations and instant, online-analysis inform decisions that support improvement for every organisation, staff member and student; Progress, Performance and Improvement is driven by frequent and accurate observations properly analysed.


Beyond Levels

Report Management

Provides the mechanism for managing the structure of the Course Management, Student Records and Progress Tracking Systems. Enables System Admin users to ensure that data is accurate and up to at all times.

Resource Booking

Provides 24/7 access to all authorised users to all school resources that they are entitled to use, including classrooms. No more need you try to access your teaching room to find that it is already occupied, or go to collect an overhead projector to find it already in use. Simple to use from any web-connected device from any location.

Self Evaluation Forms

Enables schools to view an Ofsted visit as “just another day in school”.

Used correctly SEFmanager provides the ability to use the SEF process as a “live”, working document that collates the current status AND supporting documents into one central portal that is available 24/7 to all Department Heads and Senior Leaders.

Task Manager

Enables School Managers and Senior Leaders to control and monitor the throughput and completion of any Task that MUST be completed at specific times and ON SCHEDULE in order that the school operates at an optimum level. Ensures that all essential processes will be completed when YOU want them to be. A detailed audit trail provides clear at-a-glance audit trails of every request and every action

Teacher Key Dial

Teacher Key Dials provide Teachers and Appraisers with web-based real-time access to key performance indicators (KPIs) related to Appraisal and linked to Teacher Standards. Self-Appraisal, Appraisers-Appraisal and Collective-Appraisal are all addressed including Preamble-I and Preamble-II in all instances.

HTGmanager supports the development of Professional and Personal Development Plans (PPDP) and Continuing Professional Development Plans (CPD) and monitors progress with areas of achievement and development providing links to Performance Indicators and appropriate Teachers Pay Scales.

The system has the appropriate anonymity precautions in place and provides users with the ability to upload and store multiple document-types as supporting evidence.

TLR Key Dial

The TLR Key Dials enables teachers with additional teaching and learning responsibilities (TLR) to evidence and support the extra work and responsibilities that they take on; the Key Dial is specific to each teacher and enables the teacher to upload any supporting documents as evidence.

The TLR Key Dials are linked to and automatically “inform” the relevant segment in the appropriate Key Dial “higher” up the structure such as a Line Manager Key Dial which in turn updates the appropriate segment in Middle Leader’s Key Dial and ultimately the appropriate segment in the Academy Key Dial.