Asset Manager provides a clear picture of all current IT-assets, their location and value; by the application of simple rules the system provides a rolling 5-year replacement program.

Attitude To Learning

Record all the GOOD incidents associated with student activities as well as those that are not quite so good. Attitude to Learning provides an easy to use system that will help implement and manage YOUR school policy towards student behaviour; each “incident” will fall into a pre-determined category that is associated with a pre-determined escalation process specific to that incident-type.

All appropriate members of staff are kept informed and actions cannot be taken (good or bad) unless each escalation is processed correctly.

Essential evidence can be attached to each incident providing a clear and complete audit trail.

Beyond Outstanding

Beyond Outstanding/World Call is an application that provides a simple top down overview of the route, path, journey to become beyond outstanding/world class.

This allows you to focus on the NOW in a supportive and creative way. Progress over time is viewable to reflect and assist in decisions moving forward,

Booking System

Provides authorised users with real-time access to booking school resources such as equipment and rooms; resources can be reserved by users for all or part of a day. Real-time status of availability.

Document Management

Document Manager is simple to use and provides schools with a “central store” for their essential documents AND a secure method of distributing secure access to one, some or all users.

No more huge numbers of documents winging around your network with no-one certain that their copy is the most up to date and accurate.

One copy, one central store, one “link” per user; secure and simple with an audit trail of who has seen what documents!

ICT Support

Simple to use system by which EVERY staff member has the ability to record any issue, concern or fault associated with their ICT equipment and systems.

ALL information is shared with ALL users so that there are no secrets and EVERYONE knows at-a-glance the status of every support call.

Lets Meet

The application streamlines the process of coordinating meetings by providing click confirmation and acceptance to date/time options which is visible by all attendees in real time. This facility is open to attendees within the organisation and external with a quick link to the meeting group arrangements.

Middle Managers Key Dial

Middle Leader Key Dials provide a more forensic level of detail at an operational level in support of and automatically “feeding into” the Academy Key Dial.

Collaborative working is an important feature and delivers single-portal-access for Middle Leaders to every important segment of the school’s operation for which they are responsible. Middle Leader key Dials automatically provide the same real-time “Rag-Format” display as the Academy Key Dial and automatically update the status of the appropriate Academy Key Dial segments with their current status;

Senior Leaders have a click-through facility from Academy Key Dial to the current status of the relevant segment in the Middle Manager Key Dial along with any associated documents that have been uploaded as supporting evidence.

My Assistant

This Application allows each user to create and distribute "to do items". Build group to assign task with full on-board communications and audit trial. Priority setting and reminders all the elements a PS would provide.

Self Evaluation Forms

Enables schools to view an Ofsted visit as “just another day in school”.

Used correctly SEFmanager provides the ability to use the SEF process as a “live”, working document that collates the current status AND supporting documents into one central portal that is available 24/7 to all Department Heads and Senior Leaders.